Benefits of IDL

IDL stands for Indirect Dyslexia Learning and it has many benefits:

  • 100% of IDL NI students have made progress with their reading and/or spelling
  • 15% of IDL NI students return to the IDL programme due to the benefits gained
  • Average improvements among IDL NI students are; 9 months in reading age and 9 months in spelling age
  • Specialist literacy computer programme, designed for dyslexic difficulties.
  • Multisensory approach involving sight, hearing, touch and voice.
  • Structured, sequential, cumulative learning programme.
  • Repetition and overlearning opportunities are integral.
  • Students work through a series of graded typed lessons based on a story format, interspersed with comprehension, grammar and spelling rules exercises.
  • The IDL system contains over 900 lessons and has helped thousands of students make superb progress in reading and spelling for over 20 years.
  • It also teaches students to work independently and to review and check their work.


The IDL initial assessment establishes:

  • Reading and spelling levels
  • The most comfortable screen and text colours (overlays can be bought for ongoing schoolwork).
  • Suitable starting point on the IDL programme

Touch Typing for Tactile Memory

The ability to use touch typing has many benefits:

  • Touch typed patterns of finger movements support memory
  • Words are seen and heard simultaneously, touch typed and repeated.
  • Lessons are read aloud, their voice is recorded and played back.